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Kathleen Dexter
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Who recommends: Linda
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This is not my usual style of book. I usually go for the fast-moving action-packed ones, but, while this was slower paced, it was very intriguing and amusing. I was never bored and recommend FIFTH LIFE OF THE CATWOMAN highly. The story has a paranormal element but also makes you think....once again, something I don't look for in a book. ;-) Makes me think of Oprah<g>, actually, but put that aside. It was wonderful.

Kat, the heroine, has isolated herself from humanity. It's her fifth life and she wants nothing to do with people. She was murdered for being different and thought a witch in previous ones. And with her natural multicolored hair, she'd stand out. She has found a mirage to live in that has a house that she shares with 50 cats. She is able to communicate with cats and much of their thoughts, which I found very amusing.

Kat's refuge is discovered and visited by a stranger who is strangely familiar. She finally recognizes him as her bother in her first life from about 400 years ago. He slowly works through her defenses and encourages her to try to join the world again and to teach. Kat actually went to college and is a history teacher. He dares her to teach the new generation to be better that the past.

This book encompasses glimpses from Kat's past life and how she became what she was, her amazing way of teaching, and a slow but believable love story. This was such a change of pace for me but I truly loved it. The amusing cat thoughts, the paranormal element, the way she changed her student's lives for the better and was changed herself, and the characters made this a very satisfying read. And there was a surprising thought that I had at the end from one of the cats...but I really can't tell you anymore.<g> You'll have to read it yourself.--Linda (11 Nov 02)

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