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Margaret Davis
book cover

Book 1
Del Rey Discovery

Who recommends: JW, Lori, Rebekah, Danielle, Barbara
Who discommends: Edith

Family traders hire a dubious temporary pilot, who turns out to be a Space Corps pilot with a secret in his past and rewritten memories that he is beginning to overcome. As the Michaelsons come to know and care about him (one young woman in particular <g>) it looks like his past is going to cause them big trouble. --JW

A good, complex Science Fiction action story, with many interesting characters you really feel for. The pilot's pain and the many other emotions swirling through this family-run ship are real and believable. I thought the alien culture and description was strange/alien but not unaccessible. A strong romance sub-plot, though their love is going to have to overcome some pretty incredible roadblocks.--Rebekah

I finished this book this weekend while waiting in the hospital's waiting room (while my DH sat with his grandmother) and I really liked the first half. Like Rebekah, I found the characters interesting and the plot absorbing. However..... I thought the last third sagged. OK, the last third was boring. All that detail after the alien contact really slowed up the action IMO. We see minimal character interaction/development after that point and I had trouble finishing. I was disappointed because I thought the story had a lot of potential. So I'd give this one a marginal thumbs down.--Edith

MindLight - A mild recommend. Good old-fashioned space opera. I liked the h&h; but the author didn't pay enough attention to the romance -- it was mostly assumed rather than shown.--Danielle

MINDLIGHT by Margaret Davis - have to also say a mild recommend. Romance is not central to the story although a very strong part of motivations. At first, I thought it to be a feminine POV but have to say it was fairly impersonal POV. While told either from the focus of the female or the male h/h, we never truly got inside their head to agonize with them. OTOH, excellent set-up of situation and development of concepts - conflict between h/h was classic what you are or think you are.

The story probably classified as military/trader science fiction. Rapid action. Characters quite unforgetable and well done - we just spent more time watching them than feeling with them. Multiple characters all distinct and well done.--Barbara

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