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Julie E. Czerneda
book cover

The Trade Pact Universe Book 1

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Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Linda, Barbara, Rebekah, Lynn, Shelly, Edith, Leila
Who discommends: JW, Danielle

I just finished reading A THOUSAND WORDS FOR STRANGER - Julie Czerneda and loved it too!!! I would say anyone who enjoys Catherine Asaro's sci-fi books would love this also. It has a great sci-fi theme and keeps you guessing through most of the book.

The heroine finds herself on the run with little memory of who she is. Yet she has strange compulsions to find a certain ship and seems to hear voices in her head at times giving warning. Czerneda keeps you guessing through the book--is Sira human, what is Clan exactly, why is she drawn to Captain Morgan? I mean she's compulsively drawn to him. Then you start getting clues about the strange mating habits of the clan. How the male usually dies if he's not strong enough. I couldn't put this book down.--Linda

Excellent read. Thought it a bit long and would have tightened some bits - some visits to Other Planets just moved the plot with one further twist. Ah, the plot - seen through the eyes of the first person, then alternate POV with minor characters (meanwhile, back at the ranch ...)

I usually tell people I read mindless stuff, I need action to keep me moving. This had enough action that I looked forward to the plot twists, and there were plenty of them. Even to the end, was not quite sure who was on what side.

Yes, reminded me a bit of Asaro from the Powerful Figure Able to Destroy The World needing the Other Who Will Teach Control. A good balance on what makes relationships work and trying to learn from the past and what you wish you hadn't done or "if I knew then what I know now"...--Barbara

A very good first novel! Actually, very good for an any novel. It was fast-moving, interesting, complex, and fulfilling. The main characters are rich and fascinating, without the usual bland blurriness that usually happens when a character has lost her memory/herself. It's a love story of the most intimate kind, the giving of the whole self.--Rebekah

Too many typical first-novel flaws, but I'd be interested in seeing her next book(s).--Danielle

This was OK. I enjoyed reading it but it was too obviously a first novel. I look forward to her next book.--Shelly (31 Jul 99)

I reread this prior to reading TIES OF POWER, because I never seem to remember any details about anything more than a few days (okay, sometimes weeks) after I've read it. I definitely enjoyed it, but now remember that the ending seemed a bit weak. I've decided I really enjoy these space adventure novels. And Czerneda creates neat aliens.--Lori (28 Oct 99)

Well, I finally read Czerneda's A THOUSAND WORD FOR STRANGER. The title, by the way, sounds lovely to me. I found it riveting :-) The romance was a bit too subtle for this to be perfect, but the heroine was an amazing creature. And the hero, in his own mysterious way, was beyond interesting.

Belatedly, I'm a firm "recommend" on this one. In fact, I ordered the remaining 2 books in this universe to see what would happen.--Leila (22 Jul 03)

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