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Julie E. Czerneda
book cover

The Trade Pact Universe Book 3
2002, June DAW

Who recommends: Linda
Who discommends:

I HIGHLY recommend this book!!!! It finishs up the trilogy perfectly. And I'm totally happy to say Barac found his chosen one:-) This one is much more romantic than the second. Everything about the book was interesting. I've come to really like Huido, the Carasian friend of Morgans and got to find out a little more about his kind and his pool. You find out what happens when the Drapsk finally get what they've been wanting. What do the Rugherarns want? Sira and Morgan are completely joined and happy together though there is lots of action and intriguing moments. I am just so totally happy and satisfied with this book. Anyone who loved the first book and even if they didn't enjoy the second as much, will be happy with this one. This is even better than the first. EXCELLENT!! The only problem will be if you can't remember the previous books well. I just reread the first and finally read the second so that wasn't a problem for me. :-)--Linda (13 Jun 02)

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