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C.J. Cherryh

Morgaine book 1
1976, DAW

Who recommends: Danielle, Kathleen, Shelley, Tanya
Who discommends:

Gate of Ivrel (DAW, 1976)
Well of Shiuan (DAW, 1978)
Fires of Azeroth (DAW, 1979)
Exile's Gate (DAW, 1988)

"Morgaine, with her magical sword Changeling and loyal liegeman Vanye, travels from world to world, seeking out the Gates, deadly remnants of a long-vanished race, which could forever warp time unless they are destroyed one by one."

Morgaine is the original tough b*tch. I think those who like Anita Blake's attitude will also appreciate her. Vanye is coerced into helping her at first, then comes to respect her. Without giving too much away here ... the change in their relationship doesn't happen until Exile's Gate, yet unless you've read the other books, it won't be as moving.--Danielle

The GATES series was one of those that I hunted for in bookstores as the volumes were being published. Grim worlds and grim lives, but fascinating characters.--Kathleen

Yes, put me down as a Recommend for this, with the rider that I've never been sure that it's really SFR (although it is, sort of ... and there's a hea, sort of ...)--Tanya (19 Oct 00)

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