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Lois McMaster Bujold
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Who recommends: Julie, Preeti, Lori, Lynn, Isabel, Shelly, Barbara, Robin
Who discommends:

It's a historical fantasy, set in a magical Renaissance Edithly. Spunky little heroine, fun story, good characters and a great hea sweet romance. I understand this is Bujold's only foray in fantasy--and I really liked it.--Julie

Just thought I'd add that this is a fantasy, and, IMO, nothing like her other books. I guess I just like her SF better.--Lori

This is very different from the rest of Bujold's work but I enjoyed it as a light fantasy.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

I love LMB's books. This one is my least favorite. It's a sweet story but it doesn't come close to Shards of Honor.--Shelly (31 Jul 99)

I was longing for something else by her - a good fantasy read but without the charm of Vorkosigan. Excellent set-up, plotting, weaving action into resolving conflicts. Fiametta is a bit young for my taste but entirely within character - sometimes mature but other times like a teen ager. Thur appropriately respectful and taking charge when needed. An excellent blending on 14th century Italian setting with fantasy - where everyone knows magic happens. Romance somewhat underplayed - she frets over the ring's choice but a HEA for all--Barbara (02 Nov 99)

I have to admit I thought It was a bit creepy but I enjoyed it.--Robin (19 May 02)

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