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Lois McMaster Bujold

Book 14
2002, May, Baen hardcover

Who recommends: Isabel, Robin, Linda, Lori, Edith, Linda, Suzanne, JW
Who discommends:

I bought the Webscription of DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY and read each chunk as it came out. This one is back to being a Miles adventure book with his new bride firmly in the background. Fun enough but my enjoyment was blunted by the method in which I read it - just as I'm getting into the story each time, it stops. I will have to resist temptation and wait until the entire book comes out next time.--Isabel (26 Apr 02)

Loved DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY; a good Miles adventure, though not as intense as any of the last three Miles books.--JW (7 May 02)

It's one of the "fun" reads, rather than one of the more serious ones. But there's one part where Miles remembers that his parents were the people who could fix everything for him, and I had a very scary image of Miles trying to fix things for his own children.<g>--Lori (19 May 02)

Fun read, great plotting. But...I do wish it had more focus on character/relationships. I hear it's gone into a 3rd printing, which way cool.--Edith (19 May 02)

I highly recommend it!!! It was so great seeing Miles and Ekaterin together again. This was like a sci fi mystery with lots of surprises and plenty of action at the end. You meet some previous characters and maybe someday I'll read the earlier books but I still had no trouble enjoying the book. Mile's return from his honeymoon journey gets changed into a trip to Graf station to untangle a legal mess, find out what happened to a missing Lieutenant and stop a war!!!--Linda (20 May 02)

I'm also a recommend on this one - I don't think Bujold could write a bad book if she tried. But I was a little disappointed that it was so short. It was more like a long novella than a full book. It just didn't seem as layered as most of her stuff.--Suzanne (21 May 02)

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