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Anne Bishop
book cover

Fae Book 2
2002, October Roc
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Who recommends: Linda, Lori, JW
Who discommends:

I highly recommend this book!! While you briefly see Ari and Neal from PILLARS OF THE WORLD (book one), this book introduces new characters. It follows Aiden, the Bard, and Lyrra, the Muse, as they continue to try to warn the witches and convince the fae to help them. These two have really changed from their contact with Ari and humans and learning of the house of Gaian. They make sacrifices, and go through danger, horror, and despair. Their fear for each other has changed them and made them realize their true love for each other only. :-) Which makes this book much more romantic and satisfying than the first.

Aiden and Lyrra's search for The Hunter leads them to the western provinces, which have been avoided by the Fae. There are lots of surprises there. You see Morag and meet and get to know the leaders, Ashk and Baron Padrick. And see some hope for the future.

You also meet a young Baron Liam from the Eastern Provinces and witness his change from nonbelief to horror as he sees and tries to stop what is happening to the women, not only witches.

There are even have a few other touches of romance that I enjoyed. I loved this book and could hardly put it down. It's romantic, horrifying, amusing in parts, and heroic. I enjoyed it much better than the first book of the series and look forward to the third.--Linda (25 Feb 03)

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