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Carol Berg
book cover

Book 2 of The Rai-Kirah
2001 August, Roc
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Who recommends: Lynn, Preeti
Who discommends: Edith, Julie

What did you guys think of Berg's REVELATION? Did you finish reading it? I admit I was quite disappointed. I thought the story was more world-building and less character-focused, so it didn't appeal to me.--Edith (7 Oct 01),

I was wondering if anyone liked this one. I started it, and dropped it after the first 1/4 of the book ... tried to get back into it and couldn't. Her first one was so much more into characters, and I loved it. I was very disappointed with this follow-up.--Julie (8 Oct 01)

It was ok. Real iffy on romance to me though. I'd buy something else by her, but it really dragged.--Lynn (8 Oct 01)

I wasn't as down on REVELATION as some of you, but I agree that it wasn't nearly as fine a story as TRANSFORMATION. Seyonne's continued suffering was a little grating in this book, the plot too drawn out, and the relationship dynamics not as interesting. Despite admiring Berg's writing skills I would have loved to read a much tighter (shorter and more focused) version of this story.--Preeti (21 Jan 02)

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