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Pamela Belle

Silver City Trilogy Book 1
UK only

Who recommends: Lori, Catie, Tanya
Who discommends:

I just finished THE SILVER CITY by Pamela Belle. It's the first book in a trilogy by an author whose historical fiction I'd read (well, one or two books, because they were only available here in trade paperback, so I ended up missing most of them). Pam posted a message to BSJ, and I contacted her about some of her books. Anyway, she mentioned that she'd written a romantic fantasy that had not been published in the U.S. How could I resist? <g>

It's a good book, slow moving in parts, and long (about 500 pages, paperback, relatively small print). But I enjoyed it. There's a city (our hero and the villain and the title), an empire, a tribe (our heroine), and another more barbaric tribe (more villains). Magic. Betrayal. Old gods and wicked priestesses. I think she did a good job with the world building, and while some of it was pretty slow (and sometimes several weeks, even months passed almost unexpectedly), at other times it was really hard to put down (yes, I finished it last night). The romance element was there very subtly from the beginning, but took a while to take hold. (Hmm, that could be the "slow" part. <g>)-- Lori

Very attractive fresh heroine. The two sequels are TBR. There's a change of POV in the 2nd book which stopped me in my tracks. I'll get back to them some day.--Catie

Enjoyed this quite a lot: I liked the society and the characters, and the progress of the romance from distrust to love.--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

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