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Nancy Baker
book cover

Canada only

Who recommends: Preeti, Julie, Laurie
Who discommends: Shelley

I also read Nancy Baker's modern-day vampire Beauty and the Beast story, A TERRIBLE BEAUTY. I was intrigued by the role-reversal premise: an ancient female vampire draws a beautiful young male artist to her. It got off to a very slow start, but it built up beautifully and then totally captured my imagination. HEA ending.--Preeti

It had been awhile since I'd read a vampire book and I was surprised how much I did enjoy it. It didn't have the horror feel to it that I was used to.--Julie

I finished this up last week and really enjoyed it. It was very eerie and atmospheric, I got a real good sense of the isolated castle and got goosebumps more than once (rare for me). I agree, it didn't have a horror feel, and next to no gore and I was very pleased with the ending - I almost cried - another rare thing while reading a vampire story.--Laurie

It bogged down for me in the middle and I just could not get interested in the characters after that. Rather felt like I was 'slogging' through the last half of the book. Pity, because I like her others.--Shelley

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