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Pauline Ashwell
book cover

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Who recommends: JW, Lynn, Tanya
Who discommends: Shelley, Barbara

Heroine is raised by miner's on a frontier planet, unwilling accepts a scholarship to university on earth -- space adventure (with a romance later in the book of course) --JW

I have never been able to read this. Gave it three tries, but something about the way she uses language truly annoys me.--Shelley

Found the writing style very difficult to get used to. Actually four loosely woven stories about a girl raised on a mining planet and sent to earth - a different culture - to school. The first story is simply how she is sent to earth, letting us see the way she is raised and finding out how her mind works. Then she starts making friends (although they are not very well fleshed out) and matures. The final story was quite well done - with romance thrown in during the last ten pages. No, I didn't see that one coming. Good stories but not to be read a sf-romance.--Barbara

I rather enjoyed this: I liked the way that the narrator's voice changed as she progressed, and the way in which she matured before our eyes. Bit too much like *hard* SF for me, but the narrator's charm (yes, I've forgotten her name and don't have the book to hand) made up for that.--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

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