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Catherine Asaro
book cover

Skolian Empire Book 7
2000, March, Tor hardcover
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Who recommends: Robin, Lori, JW, Margaret, Danielle
Who discommends:

However, I think that it needs to be read as part of the Skolian Empire series, not stand-alone.--Robin (11 Mar 00)

Definite recommend from me. It's a "smaller" book than THE RADIANT SEAS; it's all Kelric's story. I've come to the conclusion that Kelric definitely likes women, and he sometimes seems pretty adaptable. It's a small arc of the bigger story of what has been happening to Kelric's family after Soz left. And yeah, I get a bit uneasy with the treatment the Traders mete out to their providers, but I think I'm supposed to feel that way.--Lori (26 Aug 00)

Okay SF, but not much romance. I wouldn't recommend it as an SFR.--Danielle (12 Jul 01)

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