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Catherine Asaro
book cover

Book 1 of A.I. series
2000, December, Bantam
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Who recommends: Lori, Linda, Robin, JW, Danielle
Who discommends:

I think THE PHOENIX CODE flowed more smoothly than THE VEILED WEB because, though one of the characters has a foreign--Indian--forefather (and name), he was raised in Louisiana, and the book takes place in the US. And the heroine is the scientist directly involved with the development of the AI/android.

There's romance, suspense (a lot of action), science, and some exploration of the ethics of creating androids, and what it might mean to the human race.

I've decided that part of what I like about romantic SF (emphasis on SF as the genre <g>) is that there are no absolutes. I know enough about Asaro to have some idea how it might end, but there are things that can happen along the way that I don't think could happen in a romance novel. There are some questions about one character's actions that, in a romance, I'd know didn't mean anything. But I could share the heroine's uncertainty in this book, and that made it much more interesting.--Lori (25 Jan 01)

I give a recommend for this book also. I enjoyed it even more than Asaro's last one for the simple reason that the h/h are together a lot more. I enjoyed the characters and the androids<g>, the romance was good and had an ending that surprised me. There were a few things I didn't care for that Aris, the android, did while being more out of control (more on this in my spoilers, below). Except for those few things, though, I enjoyed the book immensely.


What I didn't like was that the android, while supposedly having suppressed his conscience mode and out of control, came close to raping the heroine twice. While he had suppressed certain things so he distrusted the hero, he hadn't suppressed all his memories of the heroine so even without a consciense I found this upsetting and would have rather Asaro left that out. The heroine awas bit more rational about it than I could have been. But that's what comes from becoming emotionally involved.--Linda (06 Feb 01)

The big plot twist was too predictable, but all in all a good read.--Danielle (28 May 02)

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