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Kelley Armstrong
book cover

Women of the Otherworld 2
2003, June, Viking hb
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Who recommends: Shelley, Linda, Barbara
Who discommends:

Excellent!! I liked STOLEN even more than BITTEN. In this one Elena discovers there are actually other paranormal creatures around--something she found hard to believe at first. She is contacted by a couple of witches who warn her of danger. Supernatural creatures are being kidnapped and some have even been murdered. Elena finds out more than she wanted about the situation when she herself is kidnapped.

The story has lots of action and interesting paranormal characters. Probably my only disagreement with Shelley would be that I feel it's still a SFR. You learn a lot more about Elena and Clay's feelings for each other past and present, which I appreciated a lot. I'm kind of disappointed to hear the next book is about Paige the witch as she didn't impress in STOLEN. If Armstrong wanted to try a different paranormal being, I'd go with the half-demons. :-)--Linda (2 Jun 03)

I was much more fond of BITTEN. I found STOLEN a bit more cerebral and with not quite enough action for me. I still enjoyed Elena's first person voice.--Barbara (7 Jan 04)

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