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J.D. Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne
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2001, August
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Who recommends: Shelley, Linda, Preeti, Leila
Who discommends: Robin

I have been on a bit of an anthology kick and just finished OUT OF THIS WORLD with stories by J. D. Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Maggie Shayne and Susan Krinard.

The Krinard story could not hold my interest and frankly I did not think the Shayne story was great, but really enjoyed the J.D. Robb. The Hamilton story was an excerpt out of her new book NARCISSUS IN CHAINS, and involves Anita, Jean Claude and Richard. OH MY - I will be waiting for the bookstore to open the day this one comes out. I am not going to say anything else except that the piece she gave us in the anthology is worth the price of the ppbk.--Shelley (13 Aug 01)

Whereas I really enjoyed the Krinard book and couldn't help wishing it was in novel form. Also loved the Hamilton but figured it was a preview of her book. Started to read the Robb but just haven't been able to get into her books lately. Just not in the mood. Haven't tried the Shayne yet. It didn't get a good review as compared to the other ones though.--Linda (13 Aug 01)

I remember thinking that this was a big ripoff when it came out so I am probably a discommend. The new Hamilton story was simply an excerpt from NARCISSUS IN CHAINS - and I generally don't read excerpts!--Robin (03 Jun 02)

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