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10/31/2005 Entry: "Talking About Reviewing VALIANT (Preeti)"


I had to laugh when it turned out that Holly Black's VALIANT stymied more than one review attempt on this site. Here's the conversation...maybe we'll have an actually review to post soon!

I just finished VALIANT, by Holly Black, and will try to send a review tomorrow. It won't be whole-heartedly positive because there were a few disturbing things that the heroine did. Otherwise I would have enjoyed it a lot. I haven't read TITHE yet so I can't compare them.--Linda

I read VALIANT when it came out and didn't know what to say. Linda, if you review it, I'll probably riff off your review and get my own conflicted feelings down in print.--Preeti

I've had the same problem. I've tried about three times to send a review off but it's a strange book and I couldn't come up with anything brief that caught the flavour.--Margaret

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