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10/27/2004 Entry: "Luna Books So Far? Few Good, Most Not So. (Preeti, Linda, Lynn)"

Each Luna I (attempt to) read just makes me think they're a big, fat rip-off--books with lovely covers, shoddy paper, mediocre stories, and inflated prices. I'm becoming rather resentful of the line, actually. I want to give the C.E. Murphy a chance because she's a new author. Otherwise, I'm steering clear until the Laura Resnicks and Michelle Sagaras get published.--Preeti


As to the Luna books, I admit to being more careful and which ones I'm picking. I've been reading reviews or buying them used. although I'm going to try buying Susan Krinard's SHIELD OF THE SKY new. I might buy Rachel Lee's also...I'm still hoping for good things from the line. I like having a good choice of fantasy to chose from.--Linda


Well, I'm just spouting off, disappointed there hasn't been a real standout among the Luna books for me yet. I'm sure I'll read more of these, especially if they begin appearing in mass market paperback format.--Preeti


Fairy GodmotherLuna books are definitely a mixed bag. The only ones that get a strong positive so far for me are the Brennan, the Zettel, and the Gilman, which I don't think I posted about here. The Asaro and the Lackey I didn't mind having read and were OK, but I'd be a lot happier if I'd paid $6.99 for them. The Lackey was fairly typical "light Lackey" and not as good as what I consider her best, which is the Elemental Masters series. I'm also an easy grader, I think, if there are pieces of the story I like. And if I don't like things, I don't tend to finish them unless I'm committed to doing a review.

I've bought all the Luna books so far. What can I say, hope springs eternal. I don't actually disagree with Preeti's overall assessment, though, and I think they'd be a lot more enjoyable at mass market prices instead of overpriced trade paperbacks.

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