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09/16/2004 Entry: "Book Info Picked up at Noreascon 4 (Preeti)"

Chill Factor

Rachel Caine
--I scored an ARC of Rachel Caine's CHILL FACTOR (Weather Warden Bk3) at the Ace/Roc forthcoming books panel! I've already read it and loved it.

Wen Spencer
--In a panel on sex scenes, Wen Spencer said she couldn't find a place for sex scenes in the sequel to TINKER. Nothing wrong with that, but I hope that doesn't mean that sexual and romantic tension are also lacking in TINKER.
--Wen Spencer's A BROTHER'S PRICE is due out in September 2005.

Charlaine Harris
--Charlaine Harris' next Sookie Stackhouse book, DEAD AS A DOORNAIL, is due out in May 2005 in hardcover.
--There will be a Sookie Stackhouse story in the Dana Stabenow edited anthology POWERS OF DETECTION, along with stories from lots of cool authors: Sharon Shinn, Anne Bishop, Simon Green.
--Charlaine Harris will have a new series debuting next year about Harper Connelly (sp?), a woman who is struck by lightning and becomes a geiger counter for dead bodies. (Can you tell I went to a lot of panels featuring Charlaine Harris or talking about her books?)
--There will be a Sookie story in the anthology BITE, which will be released in January 2005. Other authors are Laurell K. Hamilton (with a story set around the time of OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY), MaryJanice Davidson (with a Betsy Taylor story), Angela Knight, and Vickie Taylor.

Elizabeth Haydon
--Elizabeth Haydon's next series, "The Great War Trilogy", is continuing in her current world.

Patricia Briggs
--The title of Patricia Briggs' next book is tentatively RAVEN'S STRIKE; It's due out in August 2005.
--Patricia Briggs' earlier books are getting reprinted, but I didn't note which titles.

Jim Butcher
--Jim Butcher's sequel to FURIES OF CALDERON, called ACADEM'S FURY, is due out in hardcover in July 2005. Ace has bought three books so far of the six Butcher envisions in the series.

Dawn Cook
--Dawn Cook's new series begins with THE DECOY PRINCESS. Her current "Truth" series will be wrapped up with the December release in which the romantic triangle gets resolved.

S.L. Viehl
--S.L. Viehl's next books will be two Cherijo (a.k.a. Stardoc) mass market paperbacks. Our wallets are cheering!

Carol Berg
--Carol Berg's D'Arnath series is now a tetralogy instead of a trilogy.

Sharon Shinn
--Next Sharon Shinn is MYSTIC AND RIDER, "A Novel of Twelve Houses". Fantasy kingdom. Each book focuses on one of the characters from a company of heroes. This first book has a woman mystic who can work fire. The hero, a rider (whatever that is) doesn't have use for magic. Inevitably, they fall in love. Tension in that one of them might have to go back to the kingdom to make an arranged marriage. Ginjer Buchanan, the editor, said the book had "gentle romance" and that she "cried twice". Sequel is titled THE THIRTEENTH HOUSE. Warning: I was taking notes as fast as I could, but I could have recorded some information incorrectly!

I used this info to update the forthcoming books page. Lots of good stuff to look forward to!

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according to Brigg's homepage (last updated by her husband Mike, a rather entertaining fellow in his own right... tho' she may not thank him for the "what's on Patty's desk" section) the OOP news is:

"We've had a great run of news on Patty's out of print books. First, as she mentioned in an earlier post, she's sold Masques and it's unpublished sequel. She'll rewrite them into a single volume, which should be out in about 18 months. Then we found out that, thanks to all of you who buy her books, When Demons Walk and Steal the Dragon will be back in print next summer. That means all of her books will be back in print - yea team!"

and yay from me, 'cos I _still_ can't get past the e-book copy protection on my old computer so I can read the copy of Masques I bought from Amazon. sigh.

Posted by meg d @ 09/21/2004 01:05 PM ET

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