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07/25/2004 Entry: "IN CAMELOT'S SHADOW by Zettel -- Too many problems ... Spare me! (Margaret)"

In Camelot's Shadow

I was delighted to find this book in the Library but my delight did not survive the first chapter. I know this book has been recommended, and I don't wish to hurt anyone's feeling, but I was Not Impressed. The book is so easy to put down that I'm only half way through.

1) I don't really care about any of the characters.

2) Too many Americanisms/modernisms. Also, although "cadre" is used in its technically correct sense, it jarred--too much associated with Communism.

3) Awkward overlay of standard romance story over Arthurian tale. One example: in romances I get irritated by the heroine's persistent musings: