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06/25/2004 Entry: "Elizabeth Kerner's REDEEMING THE LOST -- Worth the Wait (Linda)"

Redeeming the Lost

Spoiler warning...

FINALLY!! [...] The story of REDEEMING THE LOST starts out with the introduction of Maran Vena, the mother who had deserted Lanen. We get to see her view of the past, which serves to remind us of those same events. Maran Vena, it turns out, had escaped with the Farseer and had used it to keep an eye on Lanen from a distance.

It's seemingly only days after the ending of THE LESSER KINDRED, and Maran has decided to return to Jamie, Rella, and Varian in order to help them find her daughter with the help of the Farseer. This isn't as simple a solution as it sounds, for while she can see events, she can't hear them. Thereafter follows the rescue of Lanen, dragons battling demons, the Lost (dragons that had fought the demonlord in the previous war) being restored, and the final battle of the black mage Beryl and the demonlord.

I don't really remember Kerner's writing style in her previous books. REDEEMING THE LOST, however, takes turns being written from different points of view. You'll see the character name at the top of each section, so there is no confusion on whose turn it is. Unusual, but it works.

I got to know and care for so many of the characters, dragon and human alike. The story was loaded with action and was emotionally compelling in many places. For example, I loved scenes that showed Laren and Varian's deep love; the first meeting between mother and daughter; and the love, grief, and loyalty shared between friends and family, human and dragons. I highly recommend this conclusion to the trilogy!

(Although, who knows, maybe there will be more. I can hope! Elizabeth Kerner did mention that there is always more to tell, that true stories never end. Lanen is pregnant with twins, and their stories should be interesting as they are half-dragon/half-human!)--Linda

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