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04/05/2004 Entry: "Favorite SF Military Heroine? - Poll"


After having Kristine Smith's Jani Kilian books recommended for a few years, I thought I'd skim through one--the third one is what I had on hand. I wasn't sucked in by the story, but that Lucien, whoa--he was riveting. He reminded me somewhat of Michael from the La Femme Nikita TV series, in that he's hot, coldly deadly (Lucien is an amoral sociopath, if I skimmed correctly), perhaps playing lots of different sides in order to secretly protect the heroine, and whose motives are unknowable and suspect--but whom you want to believe is motivated by mad love for the kick-ass heroine; he's capable of killing for her and dying for her. Plus he's charming and a younger man to boot. If this affair between Jani and Lucien was more prominent in the series, I'd be reading them all right now instead of creating this poll. :-)

Anyway, enough drooling. Skimming through LAW OF SURVIVAL, my mind turned to warrior heroines, which led to this poll question. If you'd like, please use the comments field to explain why you like one over another or to suggest other heroines.

Who is your favorite far-future military/-istic heroine from among this list? Creator name is in parentheses.
Soz Valdoria (Catherine Asaro) 188 26%
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