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03/27/2004 Entry: "ILL WIND by Rachel Caine -- Preeti's Take"

Ill Wind

What a fun read.  ILL WIND is about Joanne, a car-mad, full-of-attitude, mid- level weather warden in trouble and on the run.  Looping flashbacks explain her history with all the story's characters and the events that led up to the current situation.  I skipped around and read the book completely out of order, so I have only myself to blame for sometimes being confused.

The story had me itching to get back to it whenever I put it down, though.  I loved the whole magic system Caine created.  The weather, fire, and earth wardens are part of a bureacracy that keep earth habitable for humans.  The powers of many high-level wardens are augmented by enslaved djinn, while some others are tempted to seek unsanctioned power through opening themselves up to demons.   There might be a religious underpinning to all this somewhere that isn't explained in ILL WIND--demons and (briefly) angels and a One God are referenced--but, hey, that's what sequels are for.

There's also a love story that's integral to the plot.  To say more might ruin some of the pleasure in discovering the surprises in the story for yourself.  I really liked this enough to look forward to more.--Preeti

--ILL WIND at Amazon

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