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05/09/2003 Entry: "First authors slated for Tor Paranormal Romance Line"

The first book in the new Tor Paranormal Romance line will be a shapeshifter novel by Constance Day O'Flannery. Tor has also bought books from Ann Lawrence, Susan Kearney, and Patricia Simpson. Expected launch is in the second half of 2004.

The Tor editor, Anna Genoese, is a romance reader. Romance is supposed to be a parallel plot; there should be something else that's not dependent on the romance. Genoese defines paranormal as anything supernatural, and it should be a large part of what is happening. (Weird, spooky, but also SFnal.)

I would be much more optimistic for the line if the first authors were SF writers. Tor is a long-time SF powerhouse and with this approach, they are quickly going to lose any cross-over readers from their SF imprint. The readership they appear to be going after are the Paranormal Romance readers, who tend to be Romance readers who are resistant to strong Fantasy or Science Fiction themes and structure. Ah well. Maybe the other new RomSF lines will be for me.

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