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04/20/2003 Entry: "Preeti's opinion of CERULEAN SINS"

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In CERULEAN SINS, Anita has to protect her paranormal friends from a threat from Jean-Claude's past, a group of visiting vampires that includes the head of his line. Plus there are some grisly murders for her to solve. The two plots join up for a satisfying conclusion.

And yet I feel that CERULEAN SINS is another step in the decline of the Anita Blake series. I had to laugh when Anita added another couple of notches to her bed-post. Also when she goes on and on about how dangerous and cold she is. This self-deceiving character is living in a wish-fulfillment fantasy world. Which wouldn't be so bad if LKH was playing Anita for the irony, but increasingly it seems that LKH is dead serious about having the reader buy into Anita's delusions. Anita lives in a world where her sexuality and power trump that of everyone's around her. It's so over-the-top and s