15 thoughts on “Forthcoming Books Page Updated”

  1. This is terrific - just discovered this site and love the forthcoming books page - just what I’ve been searching for.
    ~butterflynymph of http://womenfantasybooks.blogspot.com/

  2. I’ve been wondering for a very long time what had happened to you guys - I’m glad to see that one of my favorite parts of the site is still worked on :). Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Thank you so much for updating the forthcoming books section! I’ve relied on this site for my new book selections for a long time. I was sad while it was missing but am thrilled it’s back. Please keep it up! Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for updating the forthcoming books section. Like those that have already posted, this was where I also went to pick out books. It has always been my favorite part of the website.

  5. I used your Forthcoming Books section a lot when it was active and missed it a lot when it wasn’t. Nothing out else there was anywhere near as comprehensive or easy to order through. I’m glad it’s back!

  6. Glad you’re back up. Please let me know how get a review copy of Hiding Hand (pub August 2008, Twilight Times Books) to you) if you’re interested. It’s a sequel to 2004′s Monkey Trap… Thanks!


  7. Preeti, thanks so much. I found 3 books to add to my want list already. I have missed your site!

  8. I’ve been checking your site periodically to see if it ever got back up and I’m very glad it did!

  9. I forgot to mention this earlier, but Strange Fate is being published sometime in 2008 or early 2009 according to L. J. Smith’s website.

  10. I am the publicist for Lanaia Lee of http://www.lanaiaslair.com - At age 35, Lanaia had a massive stroke, she is now in a wheelchair. She types with one hand. She has just completed the 5th book in a 5-book fantasy series based on a character who survives the destruction of Atlantis and lives throught he centuries playing key roles in important historical events. Her first book, Of Atlantis is now available and getting rave reviews -http://memosaic.blogspot.com/2008_07_01_archive.html - I would love to see you include her in your series. Please let me know. Thanks.
    Denise Cassino

  11. Any idea when you will post another update? I frequently referred to your site when it was active but now I glean information about upcoming books and try to locate reliable reviews from other sources. Can you explain why RomanticSF is virtually a dead site?

  12. Hi I am new to this website and I appreciate the great reviews- makes choosing my next read a real pleasure.
    One series that I recently read, and reread, was the Tairen Soul books by C.L. Wilson. It was the best of SF fantasy I have ever read, and I was surprised it isn’t on your list anywhere. There are now four books in the series and I recommend you get all four at once because you will not stop once you start.

  13. Hi I am kinda new to all these Romance Fantasy novels. I am more into the ”manly” fanasty genre like the Wheel of Time and DnD series. But recently I found the romance part in those to be too limited so here I am browsing for reviews. This site looks dead but it still has some good reviews. I guess I will give some of the novels a try and the Tairen Soul books mentioned above. Thanks and hope this site is alive again =)

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