Laurell K. Hamilton’s DANSE MACABRE

Here are comments on LKH’s latest Anita Blake book from those of us who haven’t yet abandoned the series. First up: Shelley.

I finished DANSE MACABRE by Laurell K. Hamilton. This is one of the books in the series that moves the story line foward but is an issues book. That is, it revolved around exploring Anita’s powers rather than Anita solving a crime. Otherwise, the story was wall-to-wall sex.I did get caught up in the book, and the politics were interesting, but I found myself thinking that once again the ending seemed rushed. I would really enjoy a book that has Anita solving crime and also has her focusing on her inner circle. I do not think the multiple men are going anywhere but would like to see her spend more time with Jean-Claude, Asher, Micah, et. al. That is, actually relationship building. Actual conversations would be nice . -Shelley

And here’s JW’s take:

I wouldn’t mind more time with the inner circle as well, but I loved the book. What can I really say about it? I love the series, so I expected to love this one, and I did. There is probably less dramatic change to Anita’s personal life in this one than in the previous few books, but rather more taking stock of where she is and where she’s heading. This reflection is brought on by worries about a possible pregnancy and by the growing need to add a man (or men) to her list to feed the ardeur.I know some people who liked the earlier books in the series don’t like the turns it has taken (more men and more sex), but I like it. If I’d been asked without reading the books I would’ve said I wouldn’t like the concept — I like romance with monogamy and happy endings and all that great sappy stuff — but the complicated relationships within this series (and also LKH’s other series) work for me. I can’t explain why, and I am sure that very few writers could make these type of scenarios work for me. - JW

So there you have it. I’m still unconvinced there’s anything in this series worth my time anymore, but I’m a hater that way.

8 thoughts on “Laurell K. Hamilton’s DANSE MACABRE”

  1. I’m so glad this website is getting updated again!

    I’m with Preeti and had to give up on this series. If you’re looking for well written erotic romance you should try Emma Holly. Some of her books are paranormals too.

  2. Very strangely I agree and desagree with both comments. Less sex and more crime solving or at least some necromancy, since it is Anita basis for supernatural. Nathaniel’s character is developing. He is actually getting to the point where he stand up to others. So that is a positive point. I want a swifter development with the Mother of them All and with the Maker of the Line.

  3. I found this on the RapidsReads shelf at the library so I picked it up and skimmed most of it. It isn’t worse than the last one, and may even be better. It is still not good enough for me to buy it when it comes out in paperback, even if I find it in a used book store. Perhaps the downward trajectory of the series has reached its nadir?

    I will probably read the next one when it comes out in hardcover and I find it at the library, but I won’t bother to go to the trouble of putting it on reserve.

  4. I’m a die-hard Anita fan. I love all the books in the series and I can never wait for LKH to release the next book.

  5. This last book was too much talk, too much sex and not enough crime solving/necromancy, etc. It is possible to do all of the above and still develop characters i.e. her previous books. Part of what hooked me on the story was Laurell’s ability to combine them all. I am a fan of the series, I’ve bought all of the books, and will continue to buy them, but I don’t look forward to them the way I used to.

  6. I really liked the book, although it is not something i would let my mom read. As a younger reader i personaily did not mind all the Sex but i also kinda didnt like the fact that Anita was spending more time with the other guys and not Jean-Claude (Jean-Claude is my fav). I agree with most of the things said about the book but i dont agree with some of the books critics but i can also see where they are comming from. None the less Laurell is the BEST!!

  7. The series started out okay. I have to say I liked it. But once the series got longer, all the succeeding books were about Anita + Guy A, or Anita + Guy A + Guy B, Anita trying to decide who to choose and making such a big deal about, while of course, all the thinking is interspersed with some fights here and there which look pretty much like intermission numbers so they’ll show it’s not “all” about her love life. Most annoying of all, pages and pages of nothing but sex! Where did all the fighting go? What happened to Anita’s brain? When did she turn into this lovesick I-can’t-decide creature who seems to be losing her primary focus, which is killing vampires and not filling whole books with sex.

  8. I am not a fan of the Anita Blake books. But I am a huge fan of her Merry Gentry series. I LOVED them. On those books alone she still gets a A+ from me. I wished she’d come out with more. On a side note, I would never go to her website and complain. You either like it or you don’t. Criticizing someones book is like calling a mothers baby ugly, like telling a woman she’s doing the housework wrong, like telling a wife her foods sucks. You just don’t do it.

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