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10/17/2005 Entry: "Dresden Files to be TV show"

Sci-Fi Channel and Nicholas Cage's production company have announced a pilot movie based on the "Dresden Files" by Jim Butcher. The series is about a detective in an alternate Chicago where magic is real but few people believe in it. From the Jim Butcher website: "[I]t's a first-person tale told by an irascible wizard named Harry Dresden, who regularly gives the magical establishment indigestion and the police, the same. Take Sam Spade, your Average Joe Underdog Action Star, and toss in some spellcraft, and you get Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden." The movie is scheduled to begin shooting in November, with Toronto standing in for the Windy City, and is due to premiere next summer. If it does well enough, Sci Fi has an option to pick it up as a series. Hans Beimler ("The District") and Robert Wolfe ("The 4400") will be writing the script for the pilot which will introduce Dresden and the unique way he works. The script will be based on the novel STORM FRONT, but will incorporate material from the whole series.

--STORM FRONT (The Dresden Files, book 1) at Amazon

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"The Dresden Files" are excellent books (I've read them all and am eagerly awaiting book 8), and I'm very much looking forward to a possible TV series. I just hope the script writers do well by the characters!

Posted by Sulien @ 11/12/2005 04:36 AM ET

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