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10/14/2005 Entry: "Julie Czerneda's MIGRATION (Species Imperative Book 2) (Linda)"

There will be spoilers if you haven't read Julie Czerneda's first book in the Species Imperative series, SURVIVAL, yet.

MIGRATION begins with the heroine, Dr. Mackenzie Connor (Mac), back at her original job at the Norcoast Salmon Research Facility. She has to live with knowing too much and not being able to tell anyone. She's out of the loop and kept in the dark about what is going on in the world.

There is a terrible threat to all species of the world. The alien Dhryn, thought to be friends, had all left on a journey that seemed to include consuming all life in their path. And the alien Ro, originally thought of as enemies and found later to have been trying to help, had totally disappeared. Mac has recovered from most of her injuries but is still grieving for the loss of her friend, Brymn, and Emily, who had gone with the Ro to try to change their minds.

If you can get through the first 120 pages (which is very slow going) of MIGRATION, things improve. The introduction of a few aliens Mac meets while on a forced vacation add some amusement and eventually danger to the story.

Mac is invited to join a Gathering of the highest and most intelligent of the species as they try to save life and stop the Dhryn. The group's major hope is to find a way to recontact the Ro for help in making a weapon that can destroy the Dhryn. Mac leads a group of fellow scientists to try discovering what is driving the Dhryn to kill all life. She is the only one who still has doubts about the friendship of the Ro, wanting more investigation before they are welcomed with open arms.

I give MIGRATION a moderate recommend because of the the extremely slow beginning. The good part, however, was worth the wait. Nobody does aliens like Czerneda. The descriptions can sound very repulsive, but she gives aliens fascinating and sometimes amusing personalities. And once the action actually starts, it is gripping.

There is a romance that started in the first book, SURVIVAL, though it is unspoken most of the time. Mac and Nik both have important roles in saving the world that don't allow them to be together much. But Mac does think of Nik often. :-) You definitely shouldn't try to read this book without reading the first. It doesn't leave you with a cliffhanger but all is also not won. I look forward to the next book. --Linda

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