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09/14/2005 Entry: "WARPRIZE by Elizabeth Vaughan -- high recommend (Linda)"


The heroine, Xylara, is daughter of the Warrior King, Xyron, and half-sister to the current king, Xymund. But none of that matters to her. All she has ever wanted to be is a healer. She fought her father and won over this, but now her brother is king. But her uneasy relationship with Xymund is the least of their problems. Their land is under attack by the warring Firelanders, and they are losing the battle.

Xylara is hardly aware of this, though, as she is busy working on their wounded soldiers. And when she's all done with them, she goes to the enemy prisoners and, against her brother's wishes, heals them too. When she saves the leg of an enemy soldier, it begins a set of events that bring her to the attention of the leader of the Firelanders, Keir.

When peace talks are initiated, part of the agreement is for Xylara to be given to Keir as a warprize. Xylara cannot be forced by her brother to do so, but her conscience will not let her do anything else if it will save the lives of her people.

This book is excellent. I enjoyed learning of the Firelanders and their culture through Xylara's eyes as she lives with them and earns their respect. Xylara is not a warrior but does not back down when it comes to what she feels is right. She is a very dedicated healer. There continues to be danger, betrayal, and a wonderful love story. A high recommend from me. It had everything to satisfy--great characters, gripping story, and a romance. This story was complete in itself but is just the first book. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for the next.--Linda

--WARPRIZE at Amazon

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I thought this book was readable and liked the setting and culture. The biggest failure of the novel? The softie hero beggared belief. I read WARPRIZE coming off reading Anne Stuart's BLACK ICE, and boy did Keir the nice guy barbarian leader suffer for it.

Posted by Preeti @ 09/14/2005 10:58 PM ET

I also enjoyed this book. The romance was very sweet. I did have two complaints though. Why doesn't Xylara ask much sooner what a Warprize is? She spends much of the book mooching around thinking "This isn't usually how slaves are treated" without the reader being told what she is assuming is happening. The second niggle is that suddenly Kier aged before my eyes. I had been imagining an Alexander the Great type figure uniting the tribes in his 20s. Suddenly we are told he is older than Xylara's brother who was grown up when she was born. So Kier must be in his 40s? Maybe there were clues earlier and I missed them. I read it very fast as I said, it's a good book.

Posted by Becca @ 09/15/2005 09:40 AM ET

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