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08/28/2005 Entry: "Forthcoming Books, Two Book Covers"

Forthcoming Books

I updated the forthcoming books page through early 2006. Two newly added pieces of cover art I found striking were from Wen Spencer's WOLF WHO RULES and Laurell K. Hamilton's MICAH, one for the beefcake and one for the cool special effects. No prizes for guessing in advance which cover might belong to which book.

(Thanks to Katherine for giving me a heads up on the Spencer.)

--WOLF WHO RULES at Amazon
--MICAH at Amazon

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I suggest you add Megan Whalen Turner's new book to the list for February.

Posted by Ita @ 08/29/2005 07:47 PM ET

Done. Thanks. Not that it mattered for the purposes of the forthcoming books page, but does she get categorized under "Whalen Turner" or just "Turner"?

Posted by Preeti @ 08/30/2005 06:54 AM ET

As the daughter of a librarian I can tell you that it's T for Turner. (If Whalen-Turner was hyphenated it would be under W).

Posted by Becca @ 08/30/2005 03:00 PM ET

Thanks, Becca. Good to know.

Posted by Preeti @ 09/01/2005 07:55 AM ET

Hi - just as a heads up, Baen is starting to offer pre-releases of its books online months before the hard copy goes out. When I emailed Baen about "Wolf Who Rules" they indicated that a tentative date for the online release will be sometime in November, just in case anybody is interested. Also, if you go directly to the Luna website you can purchase books that won't be out in stores until the next month - for instance, I just ordered Poison Study.

Posted by Meredith @ 09/02/2005 06:43 PM ET

That's cool. How much do these Baen electronic books cost? Getting a book one month early doesn't hold appeal for me (experience shows I won't get around to reading it right away anyway) but many months early is another matter, especially if everyone begins raving about how great the book is.

Posted by Preeti @ 09/07/2005 08:45 PM ET

Hello - let's see, the eVersion of Honor Harrington was available in August for $10, while the hard copy will be available in November for $17.18 (per Amazon). A fairly decent price if you don't mind sitting at your computer to read.

Posted by Meredith @ 09/09/2005 12:45 AM ET

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