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08/23/2005 Entry: "While I Was Gone"


Why is Amazon showing Sherwood Smith's INDA as currently not available? Anyone know why it wasn't released in July as indicated on the Amazon page?

Did you see in our forum that Megan Whalen Turner has a new YA fantasy novel titled THE KING OF ATTOLIA coming out on February 1, 2006? (OK, I've just deleted some "OMG"s and exclamation marks from the previous sentence.) Also, much better cover art on KING OF ATTOLIA than on the previous books, THE THIEF and THE QUEEN OF ATTOLIA.

Speaking of, Anne Bishop hit the jackpot in the cover art stakes for her forthcoming hardcover fantasy, SEBASTIAN. Well, you might only think so if you like poetic, dark, brooding, handsome men on your book covers. Who happen to be half-incubus. Amazon indicates the SEBASTIAN is being released on February 7, 2006.

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Love the KING OF ATTOLIA cover. I notice there's a cool new cover for QUEEN with the same kind of look.

The previous one of the hand always made me queasy. The beginning of that book was tough for me to get through.

Sorry, but I think the guy on the Bishop cover looks like a dork. Much too broody and self-involved looking for me. But the rest of the cover is compelling.

Posted by Ita @ 08/23/2005 11:18 PM ET

Hi... Um.. in response to the question about Inda by Sherwood Smith: On Ms. Smith's website, she wrote something along the lines of:

Her novel was too long, but her editor didn't realize it until the novel was on its way to publication. So, Ms. Smith quickly did a massive rewrite and cut the length, and sent it to her editor. She has no clue when it'll be available.

Posted by Mel @ 08/24/2005 12:00 AM ET

Two things:

I bought the hardcovers for THIEF and QUEEN sporting the no-appeal cover art earlier this year. I would have indulged in a self-pitying fit if the publisher had reissued the hb versions of the two previous books with this beautiful new art style, but it looks like it's only for the paperback edition.


The SEBASTIAN cover is so obvious. But you know what?, if I saw that cover facing me on the store bookshelf, I know I'd pick up the book to see what it was about. It does its job.

Posted by Preeti @ 08/24/2005 12:12 AM ET

Oh my, I do like the cover. Sexy, angsty, screams "I'm too broody for this puffy shirt" but I'll buy it.

Posted by LaurieS @ 08/24/2005 12:14 PM ET

Thanks for the Sherwood Smith news, Mel. She hadn't updated her site when I'd checked a couple of months ago for why INDA wasn't shipping even though it was July.

As a non-fan of big fat fantasy novels, I can only hope the trimming made the story tighter and better.

Posted by Preeti @ 08/24/2005 01:01 PM ET

For anyone who is interested, Sherwood Smith also has a blog on livejournal.com. She blogs under the username Sartorias-- great blog with much discussion about books and reading.

Posted by Bunty @ 08/28/2005 03:43 PM ET

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