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08/20/2005 Entry: "A SUNDIAL IN A GRAVE: 1610 -- great swashbuckler (Suzanne)"


I loved this historical fantasy by Mary Gentle. A few months ago I read "WILL IN THE WORLD," which paints a really good picture of Shakespeare's life and times. It really set the stage for a better enjoyment of Gentle's swashbuckler - starring spy Valentin Rochefort. It's a great read, with a big homage to both Georgette Heyer and Dumas, among others. It starts with Marie de Medici's assassination of Henri IV, and moves to the court of King James Stuart, with a side trip to Japan. The history diverges from ours in some interesting ways, and there is a magic element in this fantasy world. There is a love story - an interesting one - that is front and center in this book, but it is not your usual romance.

Mary Gentle has done work I like a lot, and then other work I find unreadable. But this book was enjoyable all the way through. Lots of fun. --Suzanne

-- A SUNDIAL IN A GRAVE 1610 at Amazon

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I'm glad you liked this one! We're reading it as a group soon at Fantasy Favorites.

Posted by Diamond Lightfoot @ 08/21/2005 10:06 AM ET

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