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06/05/2005 Entry: "Charlaine Harris' DEAD AS A DOORNAIL -- In Brief (Shelley)"

Dead as a Doornail

I really enjoyed the new Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris, DEAD AS A DOORNAIL.

The story opens with Sookie's brother Jason going through his first change after being bitten by a werepanther. This is against the background of someone killing weres in Sookie's town. Sookie gets caught up in the mystery because of Jason and because she knows some of the other victims.

In addition, this book continues the story arcs that are related to her various relationships. I found the continuation very satisfying, but much of the byplay might be frustrating to someone who is not reading the books in order; the relationship aspects don't allow this book to be stand-alone read.

One other thing--Harris gave a nod to one of her other series. Lily Bard showed up in this one married and part of a husband-and-wife detecting team.--Shelley

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--DEAD AS A DOORNAIL (Sookie Stackhouse, book 5) at Amazon

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