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03/02/2005 Entry: "THE ASSASSINS OF TAMURIN--Fast-paced & Entertaining (Danielle)"

Assassins of Tamurin

Just finished THE ASSASSINS OF TAMURIN. I picked it up from the paperback rack at the library and it turned out to be just what I wanted--a "light" adventure, fast-paced and entertaining. I rarely read books in one sitting any more (too many interruptions in my life) but this one took only two days to finish.

The heroine, Lale, is an orphan trained to be a spy and assassin with a fanatical loyalty to the woman who raised her. There is some romance, as she falls in love with someone she shouldn't and begins to question her "mother"'s orders.

I didn't find the romance completely convincing (it felt as if Lale fell in love because the plot demanded it, not because she truly couldn't resist), but Lale is a great character and the growth of her independence as she starts to think for herself was well done. It's also great to see a different setting than the usual vaguely medieval and/or European milieu--this fantasy empire has a history analogous to the Romans, but a culture more akin to the Chinese.

Definitely recommended.--Danielle

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