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01/20/2005 Entry: "Release info for SHADOW and sequels"

Here are more details on the long-anticipated re-release of Anne Logston's "Shadow" books:

SHADOW - January 2005
SHADOW HUNT - April 2005
SHADOW DANCE - July 2005

They are coming out from Mundania Press and each book will be released in hardcover, trade-sized paperback, and eBook formats.
More info.

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I know Rebekah is a big fan of Logston's books, but what do other people think of the Shadow novels? I didn't care so much for Logston's later books, and I think her earlier ones were already out of print when I discovered her.

Posted by Preeti @ 01/22/2005 05:25 PM ET

Oh!!! This is a GREAT series with a very strong and active main female character. Very much an adventurer/rogue type, who falls into trouble constantly, yet handles it with good humor and a lot of reader enjoyable style. I bought the series when it originally came out and thought the read was extremely fine and it's one of the series that remain in my bookshelf today and I can reread with enthusiasm. Absolutely recommend the series for those who like a go get'em female lead and a really nifty old style fantasy universe (dungeons and dragons anyone?). It's wonderfully detailed and your mouth will water for dragon steak and other goodies. It's a very tightly written series, the books if I remember rightly were very thin, but the story is just packed in there so it feels like a full fledged read. It isn't all sweetness and light, there is plenty of tension and suspense and the dark bits. I'd give a more coherent review if I hadn't just run across this web page/review section by chance and I hadn't just woken up and haven't had breakfast yet. Sorry =) But I was just so excited to see this series is being released again.


Posted by MooncatX @ 02/18/2005 10:43 AM ET

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