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01/17/2005 Entry: "Denise Lopes Heald's MISTWALKER -- Engrossing, Unusual (rebekah)"


Looks like others have detailed the plot of MISTWALKER so I'll just give my thoughts. I liked it, found it engrossing and unusual. The whole book has a very strong atmosphere and sense of place. The people really seemed a part of the world, not just some standard default colonists. MISTWALKER ended with a lot of issues/conspiracies/subplots unexplained but I just sort of shrugged my shoulders like the heroine did. Her pragmatic, survival-oriented attitude must have seeped through.

One thing that bugged me--the hero and heroine sure spend a lot of their time seriously ill or gravely injured. It became hard to believe they could ever walk let alone fight off invasions and such. On the other hand, in many romances you can't figure out what the h/h see in each other, but I could see it here. She is the first person to be (relatively) kind to him and gives him a chance (though grudging) to explain and prove himself. He is attractive, hard-working, with impressive survival ability and sincerely cares about her hard-to-love planet. MISTWALKER could use a sequel but wraps things up well enough.--Rebekah

--MISTWALKER review page
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I liked Mistwalker. The Del Rey Discovery line put out several books I remember fondly. My favorites Mindlight by Margaret Davis which had a sequel Minds Apart, and Dancer of the Sixth by Michelle Shirey Crean.

Posted by Laura @ 01/19/2005 11:54 PM ET

Another book I remember as being a really great read. It's been decades, but I still have my copy and was always disappointed there wasn't a sequel or more books by the writer. I remember Mindlight too, and Dancer of the Sixth =^@@^= All really great reads that I wanted to see more of by their authors. They weren't break out best sellers, and it's a shame the larger publishing companies don't stand by new authors it picks up unless they meet certain sales ranks.

I'm just stunned to see books I was so happy with in the 80s making a comeback. They were all well written and set in strongly constructed futuristic sf settings, and with well plotted character driven stories.


Posted by MooncatX @ 02/18/2005 10:50 AM ET

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