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01/13/2005 Entry: "BITE and DREAMS MADE FLESH, good and v.g. (Shelley)"


I actually managed to read some romantic SF! I just finished an anthology called BITE, with stories by Laurell K. Hamilton, MaryJanice Davidson, Charlaine Harris, Angela Knight and Vickie Taylor, and a collection by Anne Bishop called DREAMS MADE FLESH. Both were good.

The BITE anthology had a new Anita Blake story (not a piece of a book), a new Sookie Stackhouse story, and a very funny story by MaryJanice Davidson set in her "Undead and Unwed" world.--Shelley


Dreams Made Flesh

DREAMS MADE FLESH by Anne Bishop was very good. It is made up of four stories set in her Black Jewels world. They were wonderful--I stayed up all night to finish them. Two of the stories are quite short and deal with some of the history of the world she created. Two of the stories are almost novel length and definitely count as SFR. "The Prince of Ebon Rih" is the story of Lucivar's courtship of Marian and fills in a gap between books 2 and 3 of the Black Jewels trilogy. The last story, "Kaeleer's Heart", tells what happens to Jaenelle and Daemon after the ending of QUEEN OF THE DARKNESS. Both stories are very passionate and had me riveted. This book is a definite recommend, and if you liked the trilogy, worth the trade paperback price. It goes on my keeper shelf.--Shelley

--BITE at Amazon

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More Vampire porn - snort. The best story was the Sookie Stackhouse, but its hard for that to carry a whole book.

Posted by Catharine @ 02/01/2005 02:45 AM ET

The Charlaine Harris story was my favorite, too. Maybe. I read two Sookie Stackhouse stories in the last couple of months: a short one with a vampire queen and a longer one introducing the fairy siblings.

The vampire queen one was more powerful, but I *enjoyed* the fairy one more. Which one was in BITE?

Posted by Preeti @ 02/01/2005 09:54 PM ET

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