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12/26/2004 Entry: "News and Speculation - Viehl, Logston, Elliott, Arthur"

--S.L. Viehl will have new vampire series out under the name 'Lynn Viehl'. There's a big website promotion at Darkyn. (Read an interesting interview about the website and Viehl's style in general at Trashotron.)

--Anne Logston reprints! Mundania Press is reprinting some of Anne Logston's books: SHADOW, SHADOW HUNT, SHADOW DANCE.

--Kate Elliott finally finished the first draft of the CROWN OF STARS in September. It's going to be another brick-and-a-half. Hope publication date is announced soon. You can read an exerpt at her website.

--Interesting about the Keri Arthur. [We previously announced that Keri Arthur sold dark urban fantasy FULL MOON RISING and two sequels to Bantam Spectra.] Wasn't she with ImaJinn or someplace similar? Is Bantam Spectra looking for talent in romantic/paranormal small/epresses? They're publishing Linnea Sinclair too. Also, Berkley Sensation seems to be mining Ellora's Cave for talent. (Didn't Christine Warren also get a print contract with someone? In fact, it seems like just about everyone Linda used to rave about on the boards has got a publishing contract *g*)

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Christine Warren got a print contract with St. Martin's Press, the publisher of Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Posted by Katherine @ 12/26/2004 05:39 PM ET

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