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12/22/2004 Entry: "Kim Harrison's DEAD WITCH WALKING--Just Right (Laurie)"

Dead Witch Walking

This looks to be a series worth following (and there aren't too many I find worth following these days) so this one gets a recommend. I very much enjoyed the world Kim Harrison is developing and the dynamics between the different characters.

The first 100 or so pages were interesting but a bit hard to get into. I was a bit confused about living versus dead vamps and witches and was slightly annoyed that the ominous "Turn" was talked about for pages on end before it was finally explained (loved the explanation--just wish it had occurred sooner). The author throws around lots of unfamiliar slang which also doesn't help out with the confusion.

I did read this directly on the heels of Laurell K. Hamilton's latest, INCUBUS DREAMS, and couldn't help wishing that Rachel had a bit more of a kick-ass attitude (as Linda mentioned in her comments). She's tough but needed to be saved by others just a wee too much for my liking. But, as I said, this could also be due to the fact that I'd just read an Anita Blake novel.

The blend of action, humor, and character interaction was just right and the author has created some very intriguing secondary characters. I want to find out more about Rachel, her vampire friend Ivy, and Nick (is he or isn't he entirely human?) and can't wait to see more of Jenk's the sexy little pixie man. The romance is very slight but it shows potential in the future.--Laurie

--DEAD WITCH WALKING review page

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