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12/18/2004 Entry: "Another Round on Clare Dunkle's CLOSE KIN (Preeti, Margaret)"

Close Kin

Margaret, I finally read your comments about CLOSE KIN today. Glad to see we thought it could have been a tighter story. As to your comments about beauty--which I presume are in response to my saying "I don't get this thing about elves and goblins and their notions of beauty"--it's not the message so much as the worldbuilding that must support it that I find to be unconvincing.--Preeti

I'll be interested to see how she manages in the next book. Unfortunately I have a nasty feeling that, as a result of the gratuitous ending of this book, I now know more than I want to about how the plot's going to go.

I commented on beauty because I think it's an important theme of the series. In the first book the emphasis was that ugly doesn't equal evil or stupid. In this book it was that beauty doesn't equal good or intelligent.

One thing I found interesting was that, from the Goblin point of view, having even one drop of Goblin blood (as determined by a blood test) means you're a Goblin.--Margaret

I thought it might be trying to turn the "one-drop rule" (where, in America, if you had even "one drop" of black blood, you were considered black) on its head, making the "one drop" test a tool of inclusiveness instead of intolerance.--Preeti

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