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11/25/2004 Entry: "LKH's INCUBUS DREAMS -- Another Round (Linda & JW)"

Incubus Dreams

I almost didn't read this. The number of men in Anita's life had grown so large that I was contemplating not continuing with the series. I was also hesitant about the length of the book. But then I decided to try it anyway and was very surprised to find that I enjoyed it a lot! I agree with all that Shelley said in her review so will just add some of my reactions to it. One thing I had forgotten was how LKH manages to grab you and not let you go. I actually stayed up late reading several nights in a row because of this book!

INCUBUS DREAMS is definitely a relationship book, which is one of the things I liked about it. One reason I had so much trouble with Anita and her men in the past was that she was uncomfortable about it, so I was too. Anita started out resisting having more than one man in her life and ended up having NUMEROUS men. With the ardeur plot device, I can't really blame her, but she was constantly blaming herself and pushing the men in her life away. I understood this at first, but I also wanted her to make up her mind and stick to it! In this book, she has sex with even more men, but she also starts accepting her life for what it is now and learning to embrace parts of it. She also has more changes in her powers and her ardeur.

The serial killer plot was very interesting, especially learning about the Church of the Eternal Life and the vampires that belong to it. And I'm very interested in seeing what develops with Truth and Wicked, some new vampires we meet. :-) I enjoyed the mystery and was surprised that it wasn't completely resolved, but I remember she left a killer loose in a previous book whom I'm surprised we haven't seen again.

I did have an odd thought while reading the book on how the vampires have changed. In the beginning of this series, they were scary. Now, most of the ones we see are involved with Anita and put up with so much from and for her that they should be saints! I actually like most of them a lot. I don't know if it's Anita's influence on them or just that her perceptions have changed since she's become a monster too, but they have definitely taken a huge turn for the better. I do hope in further books that they get a chance to show their scary side, too. Against people other than Anita anyway.

So, if you have been reading this series and were thinking of stopping, you might try one more. Definitely not the place to start the series. A little more sex than I needed but except for one scene, I handled it pretty well. :-) --Linda


Yep, we're pretty much on the same wavelength on this one. In fact, having read your comments, I'll qualify mine. If a reader was unsure about continuing the series after the last couple of books, it might be worth trying this one. I was happy to see Anita coming more to terms with her new life. Although you have to get past the first half of the book before it really starts happening ... And it is very much a relationship book. You just have to realize that there are a lot of relationships. Complicated relationships. :-) --JW

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