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11/16/2004 Entry: "LKH's INCUBUS DREAMS -- JW & Linda Check In"

Incubus Dreams

I just finished listening to Laurell K. Hamilton's INCUBUS DREAMS on audio -- all 30 hours of it. Wow. I pretty much agree with other comments I remember. If you liked the last couple of books, you'll like this one. If you didn't, you won't.

If someone hadn't read the other books, I have no idea how this one would work, but I don't think I'd really recommend it. OTOH, if you recommend beginning at the beginning of the series, you then have to give a bit of a warning about how the series changes over time. Very confusing. It's been a while since I've read the earlier books, so it'd be interesting to go back though the series and "watch" the developments again. In INCUBUS DREAMS particularly, there are many references to how much Anita has changed.

However, my main comment is that LKH made it all work for me, including lots of elements that would be way too high on my "ick" meter normally. This has more to do with the violence and gore, and worse, the *attraction* to violence and gore, than with the multiple sex partners. Although I do find it fascinating that she can write so much sex and yet have it really not be only about sex. And I don't mean the metaphysical stuff that gives the "excuse" for all the sex. I mean that all the relationships feel real and personal to me, even if all the interpersonal dynamics are damn confusing.

Other random comments --

Some really great moments of humor. Loved Jean Claude's comment about how only Anita could keep having "accidental sex", and her musing that "accidental sex" made it sound like she'd simply tripped and happened to land on an erection. What an image.

Somewhere about midway through the book I was getting frustrated with the constant metaphysical/sexual emergencies -- I wanted to see more real "relationship" moments. Then I seemed to get my wish. :-) Still lots of emergencies, but more moments of real emotional connection as well.

LKH does a pretty good job, I think, of reminding the reader of previous events. Enough to work for me, whereas often in a series I'm either frustrated if I haven't recently reread previous books or bored because they keep rehashing stuff.

Can't think of anything else right now, other than another WOW. I really like the way Laurell K. Hamilton writes. I assume the next book is going to be a Merry Gentry book, and I hope it's going to be on audio like the first three were.--JW


Incubus Dreams

Looks like we both finished this at the same time. Funny how it hit most of us the same way. What's really funny is that after writing how I was thinking of not reading the next book because Anita's multiple partners were growing so numerous, I read my review of CERULEAN SINS and found I had recommended it. So while I'm reading, LKH's writing is so good that I can't put the book down even if it's so over the top of what I would normally like. It's only long afterwards my brain starts thinking "enough".

You know, I seriously can't imagine listening to this story. An involving sex scene in print will usually sound silly when voiced out loud. And considering all the sex scenes in INCUBUS DREAMS...it boggles the mind.--Linda

--INCUBUS DREAMS review page

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I am merely half way through the book and already out of breath. If you didn't start from the begining of the series this book would seem awful, so I recommend doing that and you'll absolutely love this one. However I don't like the fact that she repeats so much from the last books as if to fill in people who are just starting at Incubus Dreams. You won't like it if you start there anyways so why bother.

Posted by Jeda @ 11/17/2004 01:20 PM ET

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