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11/07/2004 Entry: "Kelley Armstrong's DIME STORE MAGIC--Rare Good Read (Laurie)"

Dime Store Magic

Hey, I finished an actual book in its entirety without skimming! For this fact alone I give Kelley Armstrong's DIME STORE MAGIC a "highly recommended" tag. ;) Because I still haven't gotten around to reading BITTEN (which I bought when it was first released in hardcover) or its sequel, STOLEN, I had to pay very close attention to the first few chapters to get acquainted with Armstrong's world.

It also took me a few chapters to figure out who was who and what they had to do with the current story, but once I got caught up, the pages began to fly. There were a few conversations between Paige and Elena that I thought added nothing to this story, but I may change mind when I go back and read the first two books.

I liked Paige early on. She's tough and gutsy and vulnerable as well but a little too trusting of certain people (though I'm betting this aspect of her personality changes in the sequel). Savannah was also a very believable teen dealing quite well with all of the gore and upheaval in her life. I particularly enjoyed the wise-ass humor and the non-stop tension (sexual and otherwise). It reminded, in a way, of the earliest Laurell K. Hamilton books.

Armstrong's world, where witches and cabals work behind the scenes while modern day life ticks on, was interesting. The fact that the "supernaturals" have to hide their abilities from normal folks was a nice touch but the jabs at Wiccans who are all portrayed as stereotypical loonies who live to rip off their clothing and romp in the woods got old quickly.

DIME STORE MAGIC was a page-turner despite my little quibbles. Now I'll have to dig out BITTEN....--Laurie

--DIME STORE MAGIC (Women of the Otherworld Book 3) review page

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