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10/25/2004 Entry: "No Hot Novels About Werewolves?"

Shattered Glass

There's an article about horror author Elaine Bergstrom, an author whom some of us read, over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website. This paragraph from the story caught my eye.

But why vampires at all? Why not, say, werewolves? Any fans from the crypt will agree with Bergstrom's answer. "Because vampires are sexy. They have that mental power to sweep you away. Have you ever read a hot novel about werewolves?"

Hello! Not that I disagree about the vampires, but she seems to be missing out on recent trends. I've encountered plenty of hot novels about werewolves. Admittedly, they're more likely to be from the romance/mainstream/ebook imprints--and they're outnumbered by vampire novels--but still!

Can you guys come up with some titles, or do you think Bergstrom is essentially correct?

--SHATTERED GLASS review page (bare bones)

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I can certainly see why shed say that since the market is flooded with vampire novels but Ive read quite a few sexy werewolf novels. My favorites include Bitten by Kelley Armstrong, Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause, and The Passion by Donna Boyd.

Posted by Dana @ 10/25/2004 03:49 PM ET

Naked Brunch by Sparkle Hayter was really good, had a nice romance, and as is a combination werewolf/mystery story.

Posted by Beverly @ 10/25/2004 06:46 PM ET

Dana, I'd probably have picked the same three books!

Beverly, thanks for the Sparkle Hayter recommendation. I'll have to check it out.

And it just occurred to me that MaryJanice Davidson will be coming out with DERIK'S BANE not too far into the future. Her Betsy Taylor vampire books are such fun that I expect good things from this werewolf story.

Posted by Preeti @ 10/26/2004 11:31 AM ET

I don't think it's possible to talk about hot were-novels without mentioning Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon(August 2004). A part of the dark-hunter series, it was Kenyon's first full fledged jump into the concept (Dragon-Swan in the older Tapestry anthology and WinterBorn in the recent Stroke of Midnight anthology are both novelas that predate and extend the concept). It's an amazing, strong story that both re-envisions the concept of what a werewolf is, and serves as a continuation of the series. I'm not really a were fan, but I couldn't put this one down ;)

Posted by stacey @ 10/26/2004 03:46 PM ET

Emma Holly, anyone? Well, maybe they're vampire/werewolf crosses. I'll go with MJ Davidson, too - she already had a werewolf novella pubbed in one of the Secrets Anthos. And some of Christine Warren's "Fixed" series - romantica ebooks.

Posted by Simba @ 10/26/2004 09:07 PM ET

Maybe more sf/fantasy authors need to get on the stick and write sexy werewolf novels. You know, to keep up with the Jones' on the romance side of genre fiction. :-)

I was thinking of books reviewed on our site featuring werewolf protags. I could come up with three off the top of my head. Teresa Edgerton's CHILD OF SATURN, Gillian Bradshaw's THE WOLF HUNT, and Alice Borchardt's THE SILVER WOLF. I haven't read the Bradshaw, but I assume werewolves got at least the romantic treatment, even if not the overt erotic appeal treatment, in all.

Posted by Preeti @ 10/27/2004 01:43 AM ET

I definitely don't agree with her. There are a lot of werewolf books and I buy them! You might have missed them as they were out a few years ago but they are being re-released: Werewolf's Touch, Werewolf's Sin, Werewolf's Kiss by Cheri Scotch. They were great!

Posted by Leslee @ 10/27/2004 06:10 AM ET

Have to add the strong romantic thread with Richard the werewolf in Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series... vampires & werewolves in one book!

Posted by Alyssa @ 10/28/2004 09:45 PM ET

Well, I obviously don't agree with her since there have been so many good sexy werewolf books out. I've read all the above except for NAKED BRUNCH, which I'll have to check out. But I just finished TEMPTING DANGER by Eileen Wilks (the book that grew out of her short story in LOVER BEWARE) and found it excellent! Very sensual in places and comparatively on par with Kelley Armstrong.

Posted by Linda @ 10/29/2004 12:50 AM ET

Hey, what about Susan Krinard? She's the author that comes to mind when I think of Werewolves/Romance.

Posted by Jennifer @ 11/09/2004 12:01 PM ET

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