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08/21/2004 Entry: "Upcoming books by Smith, Zettel and Lee & Miller"

--Sherwood Smith has signed a two book contract with Daw books for two adult books. She's still working on WREN JOURNEYMAN. More info at her website.

--Sarah Zettel's upcoming Luna book is the second in her "Camelot" series, called FOR CAMELOT'S HONOR. It's based on the epic of Geraint and Enid from the Mabinogian and should be out in early 2005. More info at her website.

--The next two Liaden Universe books by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller will be "The Great Migration Duology", comprised of CRYSTAL SOLDIER and a yet unnamed one. Book 1 is due out in February 2005 and book 2 February 2006. Their next non-Liaden project which was mentioned earlier on this site will be called SWORD OF ORION. A number of more Liaden stories are also in the pipeline. More info at their website.

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