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08/18/2004 Entry: "Contemporary Vamps, Djinns, Witches -- Suzanne's Recent Reads"

Dead to the World

DEAD TO THE WORLD by Charlaine Harris

I enjoyed this latest Sookie Stackhouse installment. She's the thinking woman's Anita Blake. Because Bill is gone, Sookie was able to indulge her little fantasy about what things would be like with Eric, and interesting adventures commence. I didn't miss Bill, and feel that the variety of possibilities that open up because he's out of the picture will be good for the series. I don't think we've seen the last of Bill, though. I predict he'll be back. I highly recommend.--Suzanne


Ill Wind

ILL WIND by Rachel Caine

There is an interesting premise behind this new series. In the world we know, the weather is really controlled by magic, and 'weather wardens' are responsible for keeping weather from doing great harm. Joanne is our kick-ass weather warden heroine who is accused of killing a fellow warden, and who goes on the run to find help from an old friend.

It was great to read a romantic fantasy that eschews the vampire/werewolf motifs and goes for something new. The romance is quite well done, and I really enjoyed the twist at the end. Loved the djinn. I give this one high marks for keeping me interested, in suspense, and intrigued all the way through.--Suzanne


Dime Store Magic

DIME STORE MAGIC by Kelley Armstrong

I'm recommending this one. I think it's the best yet in this supernatural series she's writing. I enjoyed the fact that our heroine is just your average, ordinary, slightly frumpy leader of a witches' coven who is sucked into adventure in spite of herself. There's a nice romance and I think better characterization in this one. It seems to have a bit more humor and empathy than her previous books, too. Looking forward to the next one!--Suzanne

--ILL WIND at Amazon

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