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08/13/2004 Entry: "SUNSHINE wins Mythopoeic Fantasy Award"

The Mythopoeic Society has announced the winners for its annual Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, which honors books of fantasy and mythic literature. For Adult Literature, the winner is Robin McKinley's SUNSHINE, a surprising vampire novel from an author more known for fairy tale themes. The society also has a list of past years' Mythopoeic Fantasy Award nominees and winners, which is an excellent place to find quality Fantasy you've missed.

--website forum discussion about SUNSHINE
--SUNSHINE at Amazon

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Interesting. I felt it to be her weakest work.

The winner in the YA category, Clare Dunkle's Hollow Kingdom, has a low-key romance in it, so you should consider posting that, too.

Posted by A reader @ 08/13/2004 04:08 PM ET

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