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08/08/2004 Entry: "Rachel Caine's HEAT STROKE -- page turner (Preeti)"

Heat Stroke

Rachel Caine's HEAT STROKE had me turning the pages. This story continues the adventures of Joanne Baldwin as she figures out life as a new-made genie with help from her lover and fellow genie, David. But David did something forbidden by saving Joanne's life and the price to be paid is coming due. We get the skinny on the origin of genies, their powers, and some more about genie culture.

The inter-personal stuff in HEAT STROKE was as aborsbing as in ILL WIND. Plumbing the world of genies in this one was as fascinating as all the weather and demon-mark stuff in the last. But the actual magical problem in HEAT STROKE involving a rip in the ether (or something) and little floating lights (or something) completely failed to engage my interest (obviously.) Additionally, multiple characters in the story all talking like they're escapees from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer script can get a little wearying. But the sassy, contemporary, funny, angst-filled, paranormal nature of HEAT STROKE, perhaps also influenced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is very welcome.

I liked the story enough to eagerly await the next volume, CHILL FACTOR. Caine is a natural storyteller.--Preeti

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