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07/30/2004 Entry: "A Smattering of News - Caine, Tor, Smith, Harrison"

-"Rachel Caine" is the latest pen name of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, who has published about a dozen books since 1990. See her website for more about her.

-Tor's new RomSF line was originally planned to launch this summer with 4-5 books a year, but has since moved to 12 books per year and a tentative launch date in October 2005. Tor editor Anne Genoese has posted the submission guidelines.

-The sequel to Deborah Smith's ALICE AT HEART has been renamed from TWO IF BY SEA to DIARY OF A RADICAL MERMAID and is now available at bookstores.

-Kim Harrison, author of DEAD WITCH WALKING, announced that "if all goes as planned, there will now be -- bare minimum -- of six books in the series."

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Slight correction: The Tor RomSF line launches on Nov 2, 2004 with Constance O'Day-Flannery's "Shifting Love".

Posted by Vicky @ 08/12/2004 03:26 AM ET

Thanks for the update. "Shifting" is a good first title for that line. ;)

Posted by Rebekah @ 08/13/2004 02:45 PM ET

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